Dynamic wind quickly come and see Rihanna is matching her shoes now! In recent years the popularity of sneakers, many stylish women's feet can finally take a breath. Regardless of weighty sense of wedge shoes, colours or street sneakers, comfortable skate shoes have become fashionable heart. European and American actress has driven this trend. Whe nike blazers low n it comes to hot items all year round, how little the stripe it? stripes while minimalist, but according to the interpretation of various thickness and color matching. Compared with horizontal stripes, full line of vertical stripes more eye-catching Oh! in addition to visually slimmer fit than vertical stripes more eye-catching, more capable, are known to change direction and more fashionable! Local time on April 3, 2014, London, stars gathered in Firehouse Club Party.

Rita Ora splicing suit with vertical blue and white stripes on blue and white jumpsuits and striped sneakers, action-packed. Messenger bags and casual wear little hats, plus for personality. The 2014 Brazil World Cup footsteps getting closer, sports became the most fashionable trends in today's hottest. Not far to go to Brazil real races, then put on athletic wear respond to the call of the fitness movement, get up. You still think that sportswear is synonymous with rustic? then you are wrong, today sports nike blazers high wear has made a nice turnaround. More and more styles of sportswear is quite comfortable to wear not only, but also features a stylish and dynamic appearance, movement and this wave also infects the female stars. (May 2014) the world's leading sports brand PUMA and famous designer Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen)

Cooperate with classic PUMA King football boots as the prototype, creating a pair of PUMA King football boots by Alexander McQueen limited edition, sports and fashion again toward a new milestone for cross-border cooperation. CTF marriage 2014 brand new sail the perfect cooperation between PUMA and Alexander McQueen for PUMA football boots products in the most representative classic shoes PUMA King tribute, so this is the most impressive tales of the PUMA brand stronger cross-border cooperation. PUMA King by Alexander McQueen shoe absorbs the consummate skill of the Alexander McQueen brand representative and the pursuit of details, elements of the luxury combined with PUMA football history, fashion a new definition of collision. PUMA high reputation in football, in the