It represents life and costumes are full of vitality, youth and fashion people's favorite. Since its founding, Kappa constantly to consumers around the world with authentic European style, full of sports, fashion, taste design style, show the brand's unique innovation concept. Kappa light life is said to go to travel; 's summer of fresh highway is utterly rel vans era axed attitude. Lightweight comfortable life, free life never heavy! this is kappa2014 fresh bamboo shoe design was inspired by the summer, its light listing, run through countless sports loving consumers are no longer heavy, relaxed. End of bamboo's secret: new Kappa2014 end of bamboo technology uses advanced lightweight running shoes, soles like a bamboo pole section after section of the shape. Stylish appearance

Behind the more comfortable wearing experience that will "light" interpretation of the concept of head. High degree of flexibility: the shoes are pliable in texture, side-stage bionics bamboo design, flexible and easy to bend, and improve comfort. Steady dependable: superior midsole cushioning EVA for lightweight running shoe technology, anti-slip, abrasion-resistant rubber outsole, both comfort and perfect service life. Yet, when it comes to Lightweight running shoes, someone would have thought of Li-Ning's official flagship running shoes, Kappa elegant sport, sexy fashion blends together, building a sports and fashion the perfect combination. Kappa b vans golf wang rand founded in the beginning of the cloud of design concept promoting the beauty of human nature and personality, and by the love of the people. Kappa clothing, footwear and accessories set

Plan innovative and unique, you can match each other and according to different campaigns and design elements into football, tennis, sailing, skiing and life series to meet the diverse needs of consumers and bringing consumers a unique feel. Time flies, classic lives on. Remember the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games,Adidas F50 spider Grand version is will has a name is because shoes of followed by part of mesh of TPU decorative let people can't help but Lenovo to has spider Grand a call, but shoes really of on with Spider Grand as and handsome and cool, fluorescent blue with black of color match let whole shoes looks very of luxury, unique of cobwebs design also popular, anyway adidas F50 spider Grand version on like a real of Spider Grand as into has many football love who of heart, also became has footbal