hable fabric, achieve the effect of emancipation feet. Converse Shoes fresh texture and color, are the summer's can't-miss Joker shoes. Brothers and sisters, scorching refrain, flows naturally cool enough! Nike barefoot good or the Moon better? even running shoes are always classified under various different categories. Consensus exists between bare feet and l vans shoes anding on the Moon, and most consumers are concerned about. Bare feet and landing on the moon are the focus of Nike running shoes series, both types of shoes which one is better? both series will have a series of better elsewhere? Nike barefoot good or good Moon? In fact these two shoes are suited to different environments. Nike series barefoot shoes feature waffle outsole design style is the balls of these

Rubbing blocks can make the shoe wear-resisting performance greatly improved, while positioning the shoe grip is increased. Nike barefoot good or good Moon? these advantages let Nike barefoot running or sprinting with great advantage. Whether 3.0 or 5.0, 7.0, Nike barefoot running comfortably. Nike's bare feet and landing on the moon which is better? even barefoot series vary, such as 3.0 for Sprint, and 5.0 for middle and long distance running. Using the heel part of the carbon fiber and rubber grip greatly increased. Some traces, however if there is friction will occur. Moon series has its advantages, it's shoes using Lunar materials. Nike's bare feet and landing on the moon which is better? this material is very light, it will not only absorb the gr vans ca carillo ound's impact, while also temporarily stores elastic potential energy, the next movement

Freed, thus increasing speed and comfort. If it is usual to jog, still Moon series is better. Nike's bare feet and landing on the moon which is better? quality relative to the Moon is heavier, and cushioning effect is done better than bare feet. What do Nike barefoot? whether it's Nike barefoot 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 or 7.0 series are all very popular with consumers concerned about barefoot. Intermediate product as 0.0 to 10.0, 5.0, is to let consumers look forward to. Nike 5.0 does not let the consumer down barefoot. What do Nike barefoot? it from multiple angles focusing on product details, performance and quality of the shoes have been rising. So in the end what are the advantages of this pair of shoes? From a wearability perspective, the sole cushioning pad above and join the BRS wear-resistant carbon rubber, so that the soles wear resistance increases